The F.A.C.E.S. Educational Institute provides quality, affordable, outcome-driven services to best meet the needs of its customer. Through the expertise of a qualified faculty, we meet identified training needs for professionals working with special-needs youth, adults, and families. The Institute facilitates a rejuvenated sense of education through various forms of cognitive and experiential methods of learning. Certified training’s are tailored for Social Workers, Psychologists, Teachers, Law Enforcement Officials, Supervisors/ Managers, Leaders, Nurses/Medical/Hospital Staff, Children, and Youth workers, Mental Health, Juvenile/Adult Justice Officials, Geriatric, Mental Retardation, Drug & Alcohol, Corporate Organizations, Private Practitioners, and professionals requiring individualized coaching sessions.

Fee for Service:

As conferences and training’s vary in duration, professional orientation, topic, content, and faculty expertise; fees will be identified based on contracted needs. We are pleased to note that donations and grant funding for the F.A.C.E.S. Educational Institute may be available to offset partial or full fees for training services provided.

Accessing the Educational Institute:

Simply contact the Institute to discuss your training needs and we will identify an Educational Plan tailored to meet or exceed your expectations. Workshop dates will be identified and we will execute on-site, customized training for your team.

Our Goal:

To maximize learning experiences of attendees and facilitate outcomes that incorporate enhanced and improved interventions with specialized populations.

Our Objective:

We will provide customized, on-site, credentialed training for Social Workers, Psychologists, Nurses, Teachers, Law Enforcement, Individuals and Business groups.

Sample Training & Conference Curriculum:

  • Leadership Seminars (i.e. The COLORS of Leadership)
  • Ethics; The Apoxy that Fuses Leadership & Treatment Practices
  • A Dialogue: Ethics in Leadership
  • Board Experiential Retreats
  • Team Building
  • Spirituality Seminars
  • Fund Assessment, readiness, development and achievement
  • Program Development, Management and Compliance
  • Strategic Planning & Goal Achievement
  • Contingency Planning
  • Quality Assessment and Improvement
  • Implementing Balanced & Restorative Justice Practices
  • Mastering Behavioral Modification & Contingency Management
  • Treatment of Personality Disorders
  • The Power of Ethics in Treatment
  • Violence Breeds Violence; Gangs of Today
  • Coaching & Leadership Sessions
  • Sensitivity Training for Law Enforcement and Justice Officials
  • Improving Outcomes; Drug & Alcohol Treatment with Offenders
  • Geriatric Nursing; Issues of Today

Please visit for additional workshops and events.